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Services and References:

RDO Construction provides a complete service in all aspects of building Residential, Commercial and Industrial projects.

We quote on every request from a simple alteration to multi-million Rand projects in South Africa and the rest of the African continent. Having Portuguese-speaking staff and an Angolan-born member of the Company, we are well equipped to handle projects in Portuguese-speaking countries like Angola and Mozambique.

We are registered with NHBRC and, as a courtesy to the Client, we personally enrol your new house by filling in all forms, liaise with the responsible engineer for the necessary signatures and barcodes and hand in all necessary documentation with your cheque to NHBRC , thereby obtaining your enrolment certificate prior to starting construction.

For first-time home owners and experienced owners alike we strive to make the construction of your new home an exciting and painless project through our experience of twenty two years, competitive pricing, utmost integrity and transparency and personal assistance and expert advice in every phase of the project.

We use the best materials in the construction of your project while aiming to remain competitive in the industry. We believe that a satisfied Client is an asset to our Company, which is evident in our limited advertising as all our projects originate from recommendations from previous Clients.

Our appointed Engineer carries out inspections at all the required stages in order to produce the necessary certificates at the end of the project.

RDO Construction also has hands-on reliable staff ideal to carry out ongoing maintenance contract works in Commercial and Industrial properties.

We take pride in our work and chronological photographic records are kept throughout the projects. 

We have worked with the following clients and architects among others:

  • De Beers Consolidated Mines 
  • Bidvest
  • M&S Installations
  • Sapor Finance
  • Hugo Amity Architects
  • Intaprop
  • JHB Fresh Produce Market
  • Biccari, Bollo, Mariano
  • Atelier Architects
  • GML Architects
  • CSP Architects
  • Stavroula de Gregorio
  • Redhill School
  • Maisels Group
  • New Age Architects
  • Stauch Vorster Architects
  • A.Mbatha Architects
  • Semarch Architects
  • SCS Architects